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Hot tub removal and disposal can be a difficult task, so if you’re not entirely sure how to do it on your own, save your time by contacting Locked & Loaded Junk Removal instead. Our hot tub removal services are available now.


Hot tubs are supposed to provide you with a great place to relax at the end of a long day. However, are you finding that you’re distracted and stressed out whenever you take a dip in your hot tub? Maybe it’s because there are unsightly cracks and stains on the tub. Perhaps the water is filthy, and you regret ever hopping in. You might just wish you could use the space your hot tub is taking up for something else! Is it time to contact Locked & Loaded Junk Removal for the hot tub removal services you need?

When you contact us and let us know you’ve got a hot tub for us, we’ll pack our tools, gather up the team, and be there soon! We are based in Simpsonville, SC and proudly provide the Greenville County area with the junk removal services they need. In other words, we have plenty of experience under our belt, so it’s a sure bet we can remove your hot tub without any hassles!

Why Us For Your Hot Tub Removal?

Reliable hot tub and jacuzzi removal service can be hard to come by. At Locked & Loaded Junk Removal, we recognize that the community needs a junk removal partner they can trust, and we proudly fill that role to the best of our ability. Our crew provides a level of friendly, professional service that franchise competitors just can’t quite meet. Even for a tough hot tub demolition job, we are happy to serve you with smiles on our faces!

The average cost of hot tub removal is lower when you choose a local business. Why? Because we are not a franchise, meaning we don’t have to pay franchise fees. So choose us to enjoy savings on your hot tub removal services. We’ll always give you an upfront quote at the beginning of your appointment, too. That way, you know what you owe us from the start. No waiting until the end to learn what you owe us.

Junk removal professional ready to provide hot tub removal services

Safe, Fast, and Friendly Hot Tub Removal Services

It’s important that the team removing your hot tub has proper liability insurance. While a well-trained team like us will mitigate any risks involved in the removal process, no job is truly risk-free. We avoid all accidents and damages, but if a mishap does occur, we are fully covered and can fix the problem immediately. Compare this to a rookie crew without insurance. If something goes wrong with them, things might wind up in a courthouse!

Scheduling hot tub removal services couldn’t be easier. Book your appointment right here on our website by contacting us online, or give us a call by dialing 864-704-5248. And remember, we provide same-day and next-day appointments if you need our help fast. Just ask, and we’ll be happy to do whatever it takes to make you happy, too.

Junk removal professional ready for hot tub removal services

The Hot Tub Removal Process

  1. Before we arrive, please ensure that the tub has been drained, disconnected from power, and disconnected from plumbing.
  2. We always strive for punctuality. We’ll be there during the 2-hour arrival window, and what’s more, we’ll give you a courtesy call when we’re on our way.
  3. Upon our arrival, let us take a look at the tub. Then, approve our upfront quote, and we will begin disassembling and demolishing the hot tub.
  4. Finally, we’ll remove the hot tub, dismantling it when we deem it necessary. All those components wind up in the back of the truck for prompt disposal.

Indoor Hot Tub Removal

Many outdoor hot tubs are free-standing structures, meaning that we can often just lift them up and put them in our truck. However, some hot tubs are encased in a concrete platform. Some hot tubs are even inside of our clients’ properties! In these cases, the job is more difficult than just hoisting the tub off the grass. It’s going to take a serious team of demolition workers to get the job done. Where will you find these workers? At Locked & Loaded Junk Removal, of course!

We have the tools we need for the work, including cutting instruments such as diamond blade saws. These devices don’t just cut through hot tub components—they also slice right through concrete. What this means is that however your hot tub is situated inside your property, we can remove it! What’s more, we can remove any other concrete structures nearby for you while we’re there. That way, you can change your spa room into something new. Maybe you’ll turn it into a reading room, a billiards room, or a greenhouse. Whatever you do with the free space is up to you. We’re just happy to clear it up for you!

About Us

Locked & Loaded Junk Removal isn’t just a local junk removal business. We are also a veteran-owned business! What this means is that by supporting us, you’ll support your local economy in addition to a man who served his country and came back to serve his community next. When it comes to junk removal, we couldn’t be happier to help you. Keeping our community clean is a special honor, and that’s why we always do our best no matter what the appointment entails. It’s no different with our hot tub removal services, so book an appointment today to see our special standard of service for yourself!

Hot Tub & Jacuzzi Parts We Take

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PVC Pipes
Brass Pipes
Wooden Panels
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Scrap Metal



Jake and his father did an awesome job in picking up items we could not use any more. Outstanding businessman!!! I would recommend them 100%. Please contact them if you need to get rid of your junk.

Felita Butler

Locked and Loaded is an efficient, excellent junk removal business.They are friendly and prompt. Thank you Jake for being reliable.

Carol Burrell

Jake did a great job. Very professional and good price. I was glad to support a small, local, veteran owned business. Would recommend to anyone.

Harvey Chaney

Called before arriving,kept in touch to let me know when finishing the job before mine. Locked and Loaded was fast and friendly😃 will definitely use again for next clean out

Anita Winfrey
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