Light Demolition

Locked & Loaded Junk Removal is the light demolition company you can rely on for the safe and quick removal of your unwanted structures!

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Locked & Loaded Junk Removal knows that light demolition isn’t easy. That’s why, instead of trying to tear down an unwanted structure on your own, you should count on our demolition experience! We’ll get the job done right.

  • Fully insured. With us, you won’t risk any liability. Just let us do what we do best, and everyone involved will be fully covered.
  • Trained. We don’t throw beginners into your demolition project. All our staff has done light demolition countless times before.
  • Full-service. Not only do we tear down your unwanted structures, but we will also dispose of the demolition debris when we’re done.

Hot Tubs

Don’t just let an unused hot tub continue taking up space in your backyard. Reclaim your land with one of our hot tub removal appointments!


What’s your shed full of? Tools? Or holes and pests? If your shed is wearing down, you can put it out of its misery with a little help from us.


A shabby deck can be a sad sight. Looking to replace it with something a little cheerier? We’ll tear down the old deck for you first.


We tear down fences of all shapes, sizes, and materials, including chain-link, iron, plastic, and wood! Bring us on for fast fence removal.


Has your swing set or play structure gone unused by the kids for years now? Make your backyard a little more spacious with our assistance.


Locked & Loaded Junk Removal & Hauling does light demolition in the Greenville County area. Don’t risk hurting yourself trying to demolish structures on your property and instead enlist the help of your local neighborhood junk removal pros.

Our service locations include:

Looking for professional light demolition in Greenville County? You can call us at 864-704-5248 or Book Online, today!



Jake and his father did an awesome job in picking up items we could not use any more. Outstanding businessman!!! I would recommend them 100%. Please contact them if you need to get rid of your junk.

Felita Butler

Locked and Loaded is an efficient, excellent junk removal business.They are friendly and prompt. Thank you Jake for being reliable.

Carol Burrell

Jake did a great job. Very professional and good price. I was glad to support a small, local, veteran owned business. Would recommend to anyone.

Harvey Chaney

Called before arriving,kept in touch to let me know when finishing the job before mine. Locked and Loaded was fast and friendly😃 will definitely use again for next clean out

Anita Winfrey
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